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AzurA Self-Help Workshops, Seminars and Healing Retreats
Chiang Mai - Thailand

News Flash!

May every moment of 2015 fill you with Abundance, Love, Good Health & Happiness!

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any further workshops, seminars or remote healing sessions at this time.
Feel free to use our site for informational purposes.

Kindly contact us with your area of interest and we will gladly offer you an excellent alternative!
We apologize for this inconvenience.


Watch AzurA's Interview with OpenChiangmai.com here..

Whether you are a follower of the Ascension Process, 2012 and the Mayan Predictions or simply concerned about your health, well-being and future and that of our world in general, AzurA Zenter offers you a wonderful and unique opportunity to help support you through these times of rapid change.

AzurA Self Help Workshops & Seminars offer the very best foundational teaching of the principles and practice of the New Knowledge in both English & German. One of the basic philosophies is that “We are One” and so my healing brings healing to my world. Consequently, the Self Healing Workshops & Seminars brings healing to you, in an absolutely life-changing way and also enables you to be an 'activator of healing' for others.

AzurA Zenter’s personal gift to each workshop & seminar participant is an attractive AzurA customized wrist band, hand crafted out of pure leather and engraved with your birth date and personal ‘Healing Number Code’ absolutely free of charge.

Harmonizing the Earth

AzurA Healing Retreats (English & German) are held in the same luxury resort as the Workshops & Seminars, where the good healthy food, adjacent botanical gardens and healing intentions bring about truly amazing results for participants who have such issues as cancer, diabetes, glaucoma or a range of other health challenges as they participate in an intensive five-day program of meditations, organ regeneration healing sessions and personal care.

Currently, the legal system does not permit the acceptance of participants who need constant nursing or medical care into the resort but outside visits can be arranged with prior notice.

AzurA Healing Retreats offer a perfect grounding for Interns who work alongside the experienced healers so when they return home they too have the knowledge, experience and confidence to advance their own healing practice.

AzurA Healing Associates (English & German) is a unique Internship program and wonderful experience offered to interested participants who successfully complete the Self-Help Workshop & Seminar week. AzurA Internships are not automatically selectable but rest at the sole discretion of the workshop & seminar director. Interns shadow the director and take advantage of multiple opportunities to practice their New Knowledge.

An invitation to be an AzurA Healing Associate (Intern) for a Self Healing Retreat which follows each AzurA Workshop & Seminar depends on attitude, application and guidance. This New Knowledge is for everyone and as an AzurA Healing Associate Graduate you too will soon be able to share this gift of healing with others when you go back home.

All of this happens via expanded consciousness, focused concentration and professionally guided practice sessions combined with a healthy natural diet, fresh fruit juices and a natural green setting to help jump-start you along your path to a complete and total recovery.

Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles” and is extremely easy to get to from almost all major international cities and hubs. The Thai people are very friendly, polite and courteous, and there are numerous and very affordable organized day trips, trekking excursions, sightseeing and cultural attractions not to overlook the countless amazingly cheap shopping bargains to be found. Tourists are warmly welcomed and appreciated for the benefits they bring to the country. You will undoubtedly return home with many happy memories.

AzurA Zenter offers you an opportunity in both English & German to:

Improve your Health and Well-Being

Learn tried and tested successful healing techniques to attain Expanded Consciousness

Understand the sheer power of these unique “Healing Number Codes” and application methods

Regenerate Teeth and Organs

Transform and treat Diabetes, Cancer, Tumors, Arthritis, Asthma and High-Blood Pressure

Re-grow Hair and improve Skin and Complexion

Take control of your own weight management

Improve Eyesight and Hearing

Heal Back and Limb ailments

Gain control of your Financial circumstance and situation(s)

Reduce and eliminate personal Stress, Pressure and Emotional Imbalance

Find and effectively maintain a true and lasting Inner Balance, Peace and Harmony

Practice our self-help techniques in a beautiful, stimulating and family friendly environment

Learn all of this and more with our trained and certified Instructor - Leona Moss

We have a few Health Check Tools for your convenience here

AzurA Self-Help Workshops, Seminars and Healing Retreats are an all inclusive package and purely spiritual based, working towards the Rescue and Harmonious Development of our Planet - Mother Earth. Learn, understand and practice with the power of expanded consciousness, healing number codes, tools and applications while you contribute a commitment to openness, receptiveness and an intense personal desire to accept the 'healing' and attain your personal healing goals and objectives.

AzurA Zenter is totally non-chemical and completely pharmaceutical free. Help and heal yourself while you live within a purely natural, green, fresh and family friendly environment.

Azura Zenter makes no claim to any one specific religious belief or affiliation whatsoever.
AzurA Zenter is not a religious movement, cult or secret organization

However, we do recognize a ‘higher energy – a greater power’, much greater than our human-selves whom we refer to as ‘The Creator’ and whose significance and meaning could potentially raise various and different opinions based on personal beliefs.

Combined with her personal experiences and the scientific research of Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov, AzurA Zenter Self-Help Workshops, Seminars and Healing Retreat Director Leona Moss is anxious to share all of what she knows, practices and has learned with you, your families and friends and all who believe in the absolute power of ‘You’ being the.....


Center Point of Creation’

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Center Point of Creation

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