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An Introduction

Grigori Grabovoi

Arcady Petrov

Grigori Grabovoi Arcady Petrov

Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov, two Russian scientists and academicians who have not been deterred by unusual technologies, have instead gone deeper with their research into working with the complex 'energy fields' around and within us and our physical human body for the regeneration of organs and teeth, rejuvenation, and personal empowerment.

This specific New Russian Knowledge research officially began back in 1992 and includes the regeneration of our physical body using the powerful abilities of personal expanded consciousness levels and related living-space-dimensions.

Grigorij Petrovich Grabovoij, the world renowned Russian academic, is the founder of this New Russian Knowledge and all of its 'tools' and applications. Grigorij’s goal is the "Rescue and Harmonious Development of the World". This phrase was coined by him and during our seminars and Self-Help Workshops its significance will become increasingly clearer.

The founder’s intention is to prevent a disaster of global proportions by teaching control of the human consciousness levels. This goal will be achieved by the effective sharing of his New Russian Knowledge  concept together with the active participation of every individual’s personal commitment to assume a conscious and honest individual responsibility.

Our consciousness levels can be altered and even raised via perception. The instant we willingly decide to change the focus of our perception, we begin to succeed in expanding our consciousness levels. As a result we initiate a change in our own reality and consequently in the appearance, health and condition of our living space, our world, our Mother Earth.

In his book 'Resurrection and Eternal Life – From now on it’s our Reality' Grigorij Grabovoij uses the term "Rescue". This is because our world has reached a crucial junction, a vital crossroad and a consensus must be established now. Here is how:

On the one hand our Planet Earth is dangerously strewn with highly destructive potential, with weapons and wars, hunger, starvation and even widespread poverty, disease, and the suppression of our peoples continues almost mindlessly. Then, on the other hand, we experience a new consciousness level. As a consequence of continuous application and the implementation of his knowledge and teachings, we experience a steady increase in awareness which gives us the opportunity to save as many people as we possibly can. Reason being, every Soul saved simultaneously creates a 'tonic harmonization' of their environment hence creating a harmonious development of our world.

This will result in our long-awaited freedom
A freedom provided us by The Creator
We ARE Creators of our own reality
making us a
Center Point of Creation

One might say; The Creator designed a perfect hologram, created not only for each and every one of us but also for our beautiful planet, Mother Earth. Now, if only we could return to that hologram we would then have the possibility to improve both, our environment and our health.

Yes, there are new doors opening and with the help of this New Russian Self-Help Knowledge you too can find, discover and learn new methodologies to facilitate how we interact with ourselves and events and implement effective change around us using the energetic connection with The Creator in organ regeneration and also learn how this is helping to regenerate our own wonderful planet and environment.

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AzurA is offering you this valuable information via our professionally delivered Self-Help Workshops and Seminars and especially because of what you can learn about by using these New Russian Knowledge unique set of tools and techniques. Furthermore, AzurA has combined this ‘one-of-a-kind’ exclusive offering of a perfect learning experience with a 3-Day/4-Nights all inclusive workshop package.

AzurA Self-Help Workshops, Seminars and Self-Healing Retreats are conducted within the wide, open, peaceful and natural setting of an exclusive Resort and breathtaking Botanical Garden on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Take full advantage of Azura's peaceful, natural and green environment that offers plenty of opportunity to walk, jog or bicycle around safely till you find your perfect spot to help you reflect, meditate or just relax and unwind in the vast and harmonious expanse of the Botanic Garden.

AzurA offers you a Paradise right here on Earth, to help you harmonize and be one with our Mother Nature.

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