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We at AzurA Zenter are very aware of the global financial insecurity coupled with the upcoming holiday season and we have good news to share with you. Your committed AzurA Support Team intends to continue sharing and making this powerful New Russian Knowledge accessible and affordable for all. AzurA has been successful in negotiating lower rates with our partner providers and is now excited to share these savings with you.

AzurA's goal is for this knowledge to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible and these savings are our contribution to our individual harmonization and rejuvenation including that of our wonderful planet, Mother Earth. AzurA encourages you to take advantage of these brand new offerings and the unique opportunity to help the healing continue.

Our local participants NOT requiring overnight stays at our location can now join our AzurA 3-Day/4-Night Self-Help Seminars and Workshops which includes two daily refreshments and a lunch for only 10,500THB

Our international participants can also take advantage of these savings as AzurA can now offer you our all inclusive 3-Day/4-Night Self-Help Seminars and Workshops Package for only 21,000THB

These are a content-centric-no-frills offer. You are welcome to add on extra days for a nominal surcharge and contact us if we can assist with organizing day-trips or sight-seeing tours.

Since we are obligated to make all payments in Thai Baht we request you use our Currency Converter provided on the right hand side of this page for your convenience.

“My Healing Blesses ALL of Creation”

AzurA Offerings

AzurA Self-Help Workshops

These are a 3-Day/4-Night package based on the teachings and modalities of the New Russian Knowledge

AzurA Healing Retreat

AzurA Healing RetreatComing soon
A healing retreat package supported by New Russian Knowledge based counselling and guidance

AzurA Self-Help Workshop & Healing Retreat

AzurA Self-Help Workshop & Healing RetreatComing soon
This is a combination package of the above two offerings.

AzurA Self-Help Workshop & Healing Retreat as Healing Associate

AzurA Self-Help Workshop & Healing Retreat as Healing AssociateComing soon
This is a unique healing Internship offered for Self-Help Workshop & Seminar participants only. Room and meals will be provided for the duration of the Healing Retreat.

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